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  • Jaroo Ashstaff (male elf) – Reserved Druid of the Gnarley Forest Circle
  • Brother Calmert (male human) – Enthusiastic underpriest of St. Cuthbert in Hommlet
  • Furnok of Ferd (male human) – Thrill seeker and treasure hunter
  • Rufus (male human) – Seasoned fighter, companion of Burne the wizard
  • Elmo (male human) – Local drunk, likely more than he seems
  • Burne (male tiefling) – Master wizard, companion of Rufus the warrior, leader of “Burne’s Badgers” mercenaries
  • Eiravain (female elf) – High priestess of Ehlonna in Myhalas


  • Kobort (male human) – Big, dumb fighter, companion of Turuko
  • Turuko (male human) – Wily Bakluni monk, companion of Kobort
  • Lareth the Beautiful (female drow) – Priestess of Lolth, master of the cult forces in the Moathouse


  • Ostler Gundigoot (male human) – Proprietor of the Inn of the Welcome Wench
  • Spugnoir (male human) – Bookish scholar, interested in scrolls
  • Wil (male human) – Former bandit, captured by the party
  • Rannos (male human) – Slow, heavyset merchant
  • Gremag (male human) – Thin, sharp-featured merchant


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